Our Brand

Corner Flag with Club Crest

One of the Club's most valuable assets is the Peterborough United/'The Posh' brand.

While a team and its players may change over time, the football club's brand persists and aids in the preservation of The Posh's legacy.

With this in mind, the Club is more committed than ever to protecting its brand and intellectual property, especially in an era when the English leagues are so well-known throughout the world and so appealing to those trying to profit from them. This page describes why the Club must battle to defend its brand, how you can assist the Club protect its identity, and what you should do if you wish to use the Club's name or trademarks.

What do we mean by the Club's brand/intellectual property?

The Club's intellectual property consists mostly of its trademarks and the Club name. These marks include logos and phrases synonymous with the Club such as:

  • The Club's crest
  • The Club's name
  • The words 'Up The Posh'
  • The Club's nickname ('The Posh')


Any use of any of the above without the Club's permission, whether appearing on websites or printed literature, or incorporated into company names or slogans, constitutes an infringement of the Club's trademarks.

What is Counterfeiting?

Counterfeiting is the purposeful act of duplicating, manufacturing, and distributing goods carrying well-known trademarks in order to fool consumers. You may have seen counterfeit Club merchandise in stores, on the streets, or on the internet. Clothing and accessories, as well as phone covers and tobacco products, are examples of such items. Because the Club has no control over the commodities' creation, they are frequently of poor quality, dangerous, and made by individuals in situations that do not meet the Club's high standards.

Why do we fight so hard to protect the Club's brand?

The Club's ability to licence the use of its brand to its key sponsors and partners is harmed by improper use of its identity. We lose control over the quality of goods affiliated with the Club, thus jeopardising the Club's reputation. All of this reduces the amount of money the Club can dedicate to its first team squad by limiting the amount of revenue it can make from commercial arrangements. Finally, the Club's image and intellectual property are its primary source of revenue, and the Club would not exist today if it did not have a strong brand. We appreciate that some people believe we are being "harsh" when we demand that users stop using our services without our permission. However, we trust that our fans understand that if we allow unauthorised use, our important commercial sponsors will no longer need to pay to be associated with the Club since they would be able to use our badge for free. We would not be able to compete with other top-level football teams without the revenue we receive from our important sponsors.

How can you help?

The Club is extremely fortunate to have such devoted and passionate supporters, and we feel that by working together, we can effectively combat the infringement of our brand, which is so detrimental to our club. Please email us at info@theposh.com if you are aware of any activity connected to the use of the Club's intellectual property (such as the Club's Crest) that you believe may be without permission, or if you are aware of any products you suspect may be counterfeit. Any information you provide will be kept in strict confidence and shared only with the appropriate authorities in order to pursue legal action.

What should you do if you would like to use the Club's brand?

We appreciate that individuals want to be associated with the Club, but we must maintain control over the use of our intellectual property for the reasons stated above. As a result, if you want to utilise any of our intellectual property, you must first obtain written authorisation from us. All inquiries should be sent in writing or through email to the Club's Marketing Department. Please address written correspondence to: Marketing Department, Peterborough United Football Club, Weston Homes Stadium, Peterborough, PE2 8AL, and email correspondence to: marketing@theposh.com, with as much detail as possible. We promise to look at every request on its own merits.