Vision & Mission

Academy Players


To produce three academy graduates playing a minimum of ten first team games each per season.

Our Academy vision is to continue to provide talented, well balanced young people and professional footballers for Peterborough United’s first-team squad.

Our aim is to become a leading Category Two Academy. We will continue to invest in our training facilities and new technologies to enhance our reputation and improve performance in order to develop the players of the future. We will actively seek to recruit and retain, through our recruitment and coaching staff, the best young players within our local region and beyond. Our owners continue to ensure that considerable financial investment is provided to ensure we achieve our vision.

It is our owner’s stated intention to be in a position that a minimum of 3 academy players/graduates will each play a minimum of 10 first team games per season from 2024/25.



Our mission statement is to ‘Create Young People and Players of Value’.

We will embrace and maintain a competitive culture that allows for, and supports, the development of the youngsters as people and footballers through continuous learning and education, through team work and enjoyment; whilst creating memories and experiences that have a long-term positive impact on our youngsters, in order for them to achieve their maximum potential in a positive, supportive and professional learning environment.