Customer Charter 2024/25

• Our vision is to build a sustainable Club in the heart of the city,  playing at the highest level, embracing an attacking style of football which excites our supporters and attracts new generations of fans.
• The Club runs with a “Whole Club Philosophy” as a core element of its business across all departments of the football club.
• The Club also seeks to embed a sustainable community & charitable, corporate social responsibility ethic via the Peterborough United Foundation.
• The development and recruitment of young, hungry, ambitious footballers runs throughout our First Team and Academy, culminating in a player pathway into the first team for players who have been brought up within the Club’s football philosophy.
• The Club will continually strive to develop players to a world class level that will see them gain international recognition for their respective national teams.
• This will take place whilst we continually have an open mind towards the changes and challenges that are on-going within the modern day game and the football industry.


Complaints Procedure
Initial contact regarding any query or complaint should in the first instance be made to the head of the appropriate department. However, should the customer not be satisfied after so doing they may wish to email or write to Customer Services, Peterborough United Football Club, Weston Homes Stadium, London Road, Peterborough, PE2 8AL.

Every effort will be made to respond as soon as possible and particularly so if the nature of any communication warrants an urgent or early reply. The Club undertakes to respond to any equitable contact from any customer, within seven working days.

Response may be by telephone, letter or email as deemed appropriate.

Please be aware that not all written and/or verbal communication reach their intended destination due to technical, human error or distribution anomalies.

If the supporter or customer remains unhappy they  can refer the matter directly to The Independent Football Ombudsman (IFO) using the following details:

Independent Football Ombudsman, Premier House, 1-5 Argyle Way, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG1 2AD
Telephone: 0330 165 4223

The Club excludes to the maximum extent permitted by law any liability for loss, injury or damage to persons/property in or around the Ground.

Standards of Behaviour
The Club undertakes to communicate with its customers in a courteous and helpful manner. We would appreciate details of any breach of this policy.

We expect the highest standard of behaviour from its supporters and staff. The highest ethical standards should be maintained at all times.

Supporters and staff should be aware that disciplinary action will be considered for any action that brings, or is likely to bring, the name or image of the Club into disrepute.

The Club adopts a zero-acceptance approach to its staff being verbally abused or threatened. Any member of the public that is abusive to staff members, uses foul and abusive language or makes threats will not be served or allowed admission to the stadium.

The requirement for the highest standard of behaviour by supporters extends to away games and the Club reserves the right to ban supporters from home games where their behaviour has fallen below the required standards while attending or travelling to or from away games.

The Club backs strong measures across football to tackle antisocial and criminal behaviours within football grounds.

This includes entering the pitch without permission, carrying or using smoke bombs or pyros and throwing objects onto the pitch, as well as discriminatory behaviour and taking drugs.

All of these actions are illegal, dangerous and have no place in our game.

The Club consults supporters through various official and independent bodies chaired by the Chief Executive Officer Dawn Gore.

The Club have appointed an SLO (Supporters’ Liaison Officer) to help improve communications and ensure proper and constructive discourse between the supporters and the football club.

In addition, where appropriate, supporter’s views are periodically solicited via online questionnaires and occasional forums.

The Club publishes its position on major policy issues via the official club website at, the official app, social media, the matchday programme and in agreed press releases in the local media.

Importantly, the Club meets with the SLO and representatives of, but not limited to, the following supporter groups periodically throughout the season to develop dialogue and exchange information and ideas:
• foreverposh     • The Posh Supporters’ Trust     • PISA 2000

The agenda for each meeting is circulated prior to the meeting to enable all attendees to contribute. Supporter group attendees will then feedback to their members.

Supporters who do not belong to any of these organisations are welcome to contact the SLO by email on

The Club will give the earliest possible notice of any changes and offers in respect of ticketing policy and prices and endeavours to publicise any such changes via the official club website at, the official app, social media, the matchday programme and in agreed press releases in the local media.

The Club continues to consult with Peterborough City Council, sponsors, local charity and community organisations and other interested parties.

Stewarding, Crowd Control & First Aid
The Club have introduced a continual assessment programme for stewarding and first aid personnel which will be carried out by the Stewards’ Training Officer and Assessors. In the event of developmental needs being identified appropriate training, instruction and/or courses will be undertaken.

Banning Procedure & Appeal Process
The Club has the right to ban any supporter or other person from The Weston Homes Stadium at the discretion of the Club. Bans will be considered, with consultation with the local authorities, in the event of major breaches of ground regulations, proof of football-related offences of a serious nature committed elsewhere, and any other circumstances that are likely to bring the reputation of the Club into disrepute. 
Any person made subject to a Club ban will have the right to appeal to a committee of arbitration comprising of a Club Director and/or a senior member of the appropriate department.

At the end of each season, the Club will provide to the EFL in confidence, a summary of club bans imposed that season, which will include; the number of supporters receiving club bans, the duration of these bans, the offences for which they were imposed, the number of initial meetings with supporters held, the number of supporters who have used the appeal process and the number of successful and unsuccessful appeals.

In the event of any proposed changes to Club policy, early notice of the proposed changes will be published to enable those with concerns to express their views before a final decision to change major policy is finalised.

Environmental Policy
The Club recognises that our operations may have an impact on the environment. The Club is committed to taking steps where practicable to minimise any adverse impact that the club, staff and fans may have on the environment.


The Club continues to strive for wider access to matches by offering a broad range of ticket prices, initiatives and offers. Such prices and offers will be subject to periodic change and are available at the sole discretion of the Club.

Match Day Tickets
A full list of our match day pricing can be found at

Away Matches 
The Club will publicise the fullest information available, as supplied by the host club. Please note that the host club sets ticket prices and availability at away league matches.

Home Stadium Allocation
At least 10% of tickets to each game will be made available to non season ticket holders except in exceptional circumstances.

Upgrading Tickets
Should you require someone else to use your season card on a matchday and their price class is different to that of your season ticket, you may be required to pay the difference in price as an upgrade which can be obtained from the Ticket Office.

Concessionary prices are available to under 24s, under 18s, under 14s and over 65s. Details of such schemes are available on the Club’s website. The Club reserves the right to insist upon proof of age in respect of reduced admission prices. In particular, access to very low rates of admission may require proof of age by means of identification bearing date of birth and a current photograph.

Card/Ticket Replacement 
In the event of a lost season card on a matchday, a replacement matchday ticket will be issued (on proof of ID) for a non-refundable admin fee of £10 at the Ticket Office. A replacement card will only be issued on a non-match day for a non-refundable fee of £10. The club will reprint, at the discretion of the Ticket Office, any lost match day tickets, subject to proof of identity.

Disabled Spectators
The Club has designated wheelchair areas and allows a carer free entry for disabled persons (subject to availability). For details contact the Ticket Office on 01733 563947.

Family Groups and Junior Supporters
The Club provides an area of the ground for the use of family groups and junior supporters. The area given over for this purpose is The Meerkat Family Stand.

Cup Competitions
Ticket prices for cup competitions vary and will be based on the competition rules and stage of that competition, the nature of the opposition and other variable circumstances. Should the availability of tickets be limited due to potential demand, full details of allocation and availability will be well publicised in advance of the game.

Catering & Hospitality
Hospitality is available for all home fixtures and full details can be obtained by calling 01733 563947, emailing, or visiting

The Club’s policy on the return and distribution of unwanted tickets is as follows: 
• Refunds on tickets are given at the discretion of the Club. 
• The Club will not make a refund in respect of any unwanted or unused ticket returned to the Club after the match for which it has been issued. 
• If a match is postponed before kick-off, tickets issued will be valid for the re-arranged fixture. Alternatively the Club may, at its discretion, refund the face value of the ticket. 
• If a game is abandoned after spectators have been admitted to the stadium but before the game has kicked off, admission to the rearranged game or a total refund up to 24 hours before that match will be offered. A fair and reasonable decision will be made on refunds or admission prices based on the individual circumstances when a home game is abandoned after the kick-off and taking into account the rules of the football authorities pertaining to abandoned matches.

Accommodating Away Supporters
The Club abides by EFL Regulations governing the allocation of tickets to visiting clubs. The Club does not charge admission prices (without prior permission from the opposition club) to supporters of a visiting club which are higher than those charged to our own supporters for comparable accommodation.

The Commercial Team pride themselves on excellent service and reputation. Wherever possible the Club will seek to gather quotes locally and endeavour to work with local businesses.

We will not send unsolicited one-to-one (direct) marketing email and/or SMS communications unless they comply with the rules of GDPR and PECR and related guidance. Direct marketing covers the promotion of aims and ideals as well as the sale of products and services. We will not send or instigate the sending of one-to-one commercial communications to any customer using data obtained in breach of data protection and/or privacy legislation.

The Club takes the privacy of all its supporters, customers, and website users very seriously and takes every possible step to protect both information and data. Our Privacy Policy explains what information is stored, how we use it and the steps taken to ensure data is kept secure. It also explains the rights of supporters, customers, and website users and how to contact us. To view our Privacy Policy, visit Supporters can manage the communications they receive from the Club via signing on to their account on the official club website.

The Club reviews annually all current EFL initiatives and campaigns to enable us to fully recognise and support them.


Car Parking
There is no public car parking available at the stadium. However, council operated car parks can be found diagonally opposite to the stadium, adjacent to the town bridge. Please note that stadium car parks operate an automatic number plate recognition system. Vehicles parking on site without permission, in accordance with the terms and conditions of use may be subject to a fine.  Please see signs for further details or email

Ground Regulations
Entry into The Weston Homes Stadium shall constitute acceptance of the Ground Regulations. Full ground regulations can be found outside the stadium and online at

No Smoking Policy
The Club operates a No-Smoking Policy (including vapes) within the stadium in accordance with government laws. All bars, restaurants and stands are strictly no smoking areas. Those persons attending matches in no smoking areas will be required to adhere to this policy.

The Club provide designated smoking areas outside of the stadium which are clearly marked by signs. These are:

• Behind The Meerkat Family Stand. 
• Behind the Weston Homes London Road End.
• In each Main Stand fanzone.
• Each end of the GH Display Stand.

The Club provide wall-mounted ash boxes for the purpose of stubbing out cigarettes safely, before entering the no smoking areas.

Signs are placed around the stadium and stewards will enforce the policy.

All replica kit designs will have a lifespan of one season. Details of the next intended change of strip will be available via the Club Shop, Official Website and our Social Media platforms as quickly as possible.

The Club carries out its obligations under the EFL regulations to prevent Price-fixing in relation to the sale of replica strip. The Club offers refunds on merchandise in accordance with its legal obligations and in accordance with its stated policy on production of a valid receipt.

The Club aim to provide a trusted services across all our digital platforms offering the most up-to-date and reliable content directly to our supporters. The Club will continually strive to provide improved levels of interaction across all our social media channels which include X, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok and all other digital communications including email. This allows an effective method of two-way communication between the Club and our supporters about important information and news.  

Posh+ is the Club’s official digital streaming platform and is available via subscription on the official club website and official mobile app. Posh+ offers live audio commentary of all First Team matches in the UK & worldwide and fans outside of the UK & Republic of Ireland can watch eligible fixtures via digital stream. Posh+ also provides match highlights of every first team fixture, interviews, features and behind the scenes footage. Coverage is also given to the Academy and Women’s teams.

The Club works primarily with  its charitable trust, the Peterborough United Foundation. Due to exceptional demand for external charitable donations, the Club is unable to support the high number of requests or personal enquiries for signed merchandise and/or tickets.

The Club, at its discretion, will on occasion partner with local charities for fund  raising activities.

The Club are heavily committed to instigating and supporting initiatives through its charitable trust, the Peterborough United Foundation, by providing a range of community activities throughout Peterborough and its surrounding towns and districts. For more information visit

The Club remains totally committed to grassroots football participation, training and coaching providing activity for players from four years old up to adults.

We ensure that all those who participate in any activity will receive the same high standard of coaching, tuition and professionalism irrespective of age, sex, ethnic background or ability.  All of our activities are delivered by FA qualified coaches and all staff working unsupervised with children have completed an enhanced level DBS check. Further information in regard to these projects can be found on

The Club is committed to confront and eliminate discrimination whether by reason of race, nationality, ethnic origin, colour, religion, disability, sex or sexual orientation.

The Club will not tolerate sexual or racially based harassment or other discriminatory behaviour, whether physical or verbal, and will work to ensure that such behaviour is met with appropriate disciplinary behaviour in whatever context it occurs.

The Club is an equal opportunities employer. It is committed to equal opportunity within its own organisation and to encourage similar commitment from every organisation with which we have business or social dealings. The Club will not discriminate against, or in any way treat less favourably, any person on grounds of sex, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnic origin, colour, religion or disability.  

The Club supports the Football Association and other football bodies in their commitment to develop on-going training and awareness-raising events and activities in order to promote the eradication of discrimination.

The Club will not tolerate the use of racist language or behaviour inside or outside The Weston Homes Stadium. Whether home or visiting supporters are responsible, the Club will take action, through the Courts if necessary, to eliminate such unacceptable behaviour. Any person found using such language or behaviour will be banned by the Club, will be liable for arrest and the Club will support any prosecution.

For the our full Inclusion & Anti-Discrimination Policy please visit

The Club acknowledges its responsibility to safeguard the welfare of every child and young person who has been entrusted to its care and is committed to working to provide a safe environment for all members. A child or young person is anyone under the age of 18 engaged in any club football activity. We subscribe, endorse and adopt the policy statement in The FA’s Safeguarding Children Policy & Procedures document.

For the our full Safeguarding Children Policy please visit

Dawn Gore
Chief Executive Officer, June 2024