Seasonal Hospitality

Seasonal Hospitality

The Weston Homes Stadium offers a variety of hospitality choices tailored to your preferences. Whether you're interested in hosting clients for your business in a private box or seeking an enhanced match day experience in a laid-back and friendly atmosphere with friends, the football club provides an array of options for single matches and the entire season.

Executive Boxes

An Executive Box is the perfect way to entertain clients or guests and with over 20 luxury glass-fronted boxes situated in the South Stand, all offering superb panoramic views of the pitch.

Alan Boswell Insurance Executive Suite

Situated in the North Stand, the The Alan Boswell Insurance Executive Suite is the perfect way to enjoy hospitality and mingle with like-minded businesses and supporters.


The Club75 Lounge, situated in the Noel Cantwell Suite in the South Stand, offers views of the Weston Homes Stadium and the pitch in its entirety.

Director’s Box

Have you always wondered what it would be like to watch The Posh from the Director’s Box? Well, now you can with our Director’s Box Package available on a seasonal or match-by-match basis.