Stadium Advertising

Lamp Post Advertising

Take advantage of packages in and around the Weston Homes Stadium, both on match days and throughout the year.

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Lamp Post Advertising

Promote your brand in a unique way around the Weston Homes Stadium. The landscape is forever changing and with it, brings unique sponsorship opportunities that could enhance your brand or business.

Around the stadium, we have 17 potential sites for advertising and footfall guaranteed: not just on match days, but throughout the week, with functions staged daily. Lamp post advertising is the brightest way to promote to your target audience.

£1,200 +VAT per annum


Match Ball Display Tower


Efl matchball plinth

Our match ball display tower takes prime position on the pitch up to kick-off for every home match. It houses the official match ball ready for the referee to collect as the teams enter the field of play.

The display tower which will feature your logo is in a prominent position for the TV cameras, giving maximum exposure. Call the commercial team on 01733 865665 for more details.

£3,000 +VAT


Washroom Advertising


Washroom advertising

A Wash Room advert is a cost effective way of getting your message across in a short, snappy way, catching your target audience at the rare time when they literally have nothing to do but stare straight ahead! It is the perfect way to grab the attention of your customer and gives you the ability to deliver as many as 20 targeted messages with an average of a 1,000 consumers per month.


  • 73 A3 sites across all washrooms at the Weston Homes Stadium.
  • Copy changes available as and when required.
  • Distribute marketing literature to fans at two matches of your choice.
  • Two complimentary tickets to a league match of your choice.

£500 x1 game
£1,200 x3 games
£3,000 x10 games
£5,000 All season

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