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Peterborough United have been playing professional football in Peterborough for over 85 years. Over 350,000 people a year visit the Weston Homes Stadium, making it the biggest single attraction in the City. Alongside the Cathedral, The Posh, is the highest-profile institution in Peterborough, and every week over 1,000 local school children engage with the Academy for training. With promotion to The Championship, the 5th highest profile league globally, The Posh are firmly on the map.

Our commercial team will aid your brand to realise the reach and potential of aligning with The Posh and bring the partnership to life.

Peterborough United is a family-friendly club that plays a massive role in the local community. We recently asked a selection of fans to give us the three words that they associate with the club and the three words that kept appearing were ‘family’, ’community’, and ’emotion’. As a club, we enjoy supporting local businesses in a whole host of ways and we feel that we can help yours too. 

Stewart Thompson - Co-Owner


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