Firstly, we’d like to thank the large number of supporters who took their time to respond to our initial proposed changes to the ticket priority points scheme.

Having reviewed your feedback and following consultation with our Fans Liaison Officer Chris Abbott, the club are now asking for your opinions on the following revised proposals.

Revised Proposal 1

We propose the following changes to the number of points assigned per account for each game type.

Home afternoon KO: 10 points
Home evening KO: 20 points
Away afternoon KO: 20 points
Away evening KO: 30 points

All other fixtures will be assigned points at the discretion of the club on a game by game basis.

Revised Proposal 2

We propose to reward the loyalty of our season ticket holders who will receive 460 points up front based on 20 points per game for their 23 league games.

In addition, please see responses below to some of the reoccurring points raised in the survey.

Season ticket holders should always have first refusal
Currently we have approximately 4,700 season ticket holders and therefore a priority point system is needed for games when the allocation is lower than this number.

We should get priority points for retail purchases
Our ticket priority scheme was created for fair distribution of tickets and therefore secondary purchases of any type are not applicable. This is in line with similar schemes run at other professional football clubs. Fans can obtain loyalty reward points for purchases on merchandise through Posh Rewards.

Fans shouldn’t be able to buy junior tickets to obtain “bonus” points
The club will be implementing an age restriction on junior tickets (under 12s and under 18s) for all fixtures. This means that a junior account with the corresponding age needs to be assigned to the correct price class. Points are awarded to the assigned account. For example, an adult could not purchase an under 12 ticket on their own account and obtain the priority points.

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