Schools Programme

Bobby Copping and Peter Burrow continue to inspire the next generation of Posh fans through the Schools Initiative.

The Peterborough United Schools Initiative continues to gather pace with over 70 Primary Schools across the region visited by Bobby Copping and mascot Peter Burrow, inspiring the next generation of Posh supporters.

The interactive assembly, which features a short video, includes the offer of free tickets to attend a forthcoming Sky Bet League One fixture at the Weston Homes Stadium.

Copping said: “We have managed to visit 70 schools across around six different counties and the reaction is the same wherever we go, plenty of excitement! It is fantastic to be able to try and inspire the next generation and ensure that their team of choice is The Posh!

“We have tried to keep the assembly very interactive, getting teachers involved and of course trying to make sure that the kids have a lot of fun. We look forward to seeing youngsters at the Weston Homes Stadium very soon.”

If you work at a school and have yet to receive a visit, you can do so by emailing