Prince Build Ukraine

Princebuild, a leading Peterborough-based construction company, has been a supporter of Helping Our Ukrainian Friends for over a year, recognising the sustained need for assistance in the face of ongoing challenges and at Peterborough United, we are backing our friends as they take on a 10k in the city of Lincoln.

With an unwavering commitment to making a tangible difference, Princebuild proudly announces its participation in the Lincoln 10K, which takes place on Sunday, April 14th, 2024, with a team of over 100 staff members and local runners.

Kev Lawrence and PCR FM are tracking their journey on the Breakfast Show every Friday starting from February 9th until April 12th. Tune in to catch exclusive weekly interviews where they share insights into why they are involved and what this cause means to them.

A Critical Goal: Raising £20,000

The primary objective of this endeavour is to raise £20,000 in support of the critical cause championed by Helping Our Ukrainian Friends. The funds generated will play a vital role in providing essential aid to those affected by the Ukrainian crisis.

Why It Matters: A Collective Effort for Essential Aid

This campaign is more than a run; it symbolises a collective effort to address urgent needs in Ukraine. Mark Asplin and Dale Asplin, two of Princebuild's directors, are not merely participating in the run; they will personally be delivering essential items such as food, clothes, tents, gas stoves, rechargeable lights, helmets, protective jackets and even some used 4x4 vehicles that will be used to deliver essential aid to the people on the front line. 

A portion of the donated funds will be allocated to supporting a summer camp located in Poland near Warsaw. This camp offers respite for Ukrainian people who have been widowed and children orphaned due to the ongoing war. As part of our commitment, we will provide individual boxed presents to all summer camp attendees. This gesture aims to convey to them that the people in the UK care about their well-being, and they are consistently in our thoughts. This hands-on involvement underscores Princebuild's dedication to making a meaningful impact on the lives of those that need these essential items most.

How You Can Help: Join Forces with Princebuild

Individuals and local businesses are invited to join forces with Princebuild in this significant campaign. Your support, whether through direct donations, sponsorship opportunities, or spreading awareness, will contribute to the mission of helping our Ukrainian friends.

Visit their JustGiving page here

Follow the Journey: #TEAMPRINCEBUILD