Rainbow Football

The football club, in conjunction with the Foundation, are set to host an informal meeting to formalise a new LGBTQ+ Supporters Association.

As part of our ongoing dedication to equality, inclusion, and diversity, we are thrilled to announce our commitment to support the establishment of the official Peterborough United Football Club LGBTQ+ Supporters Association.

The Club aims to engage with LGBTQ+ fans and allies, fostering an inclusive environment for all individuals regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression. Our primary focus will be on enhancing the experience of LGBTQ+ individuals attending matchdays/events/activities taking place at the Weston Homes Stadium and within the community.

This collaborative effort involves both the Club and the Peterborough United Foundation. HR Manager & Inclusion Lead Helen Meadows and Jenna Lusk, EDI Lead from the Foundation, are spearheading the support for this association.

“As Inclusion Lead here at the club, everyone is welcome as a supporter, employee, volunteer, player or any other capacity. We’re excited that this dedicated group will be at the forefront of how we can be more inclusive to the LGBTQ+ local community,” Meadows said.

“Recognising diversity and inclusion isn't merely a promise but an essential part of our ethos. Our dedication to backing LGBTQ+ initiatives and uplifting LGBTQ+ supporters in collaboration with Peterborough United Football Club reflects our mission. Together, we strive to foster a community where each person is esteemed, honoured, and embraced, both within the stadium and beyond.” Lusk added.

If you wish to be involved in this initiative, please email us at inclusion@theposh.com to register your interest (if you wish to do this confidentially that is not a problem) and we will share details of the launch meeting.