Safe Standing Update

The club are pleased to provide an update to the installation of rail seating in the Weston Homes London Road End.

Ahead of the new 2022-2023 Sky Bet League One campaign, Peterborough United are now in a position to provide an update to supporters on the installation of railed seating in the Weston Homes London Road End.

Work has been ongoing over the past few weeks and the club have outlined a simple guide to the reasons behind the installation and how supporters can obtain their seat within that particular end.

Railed Seating at the London Rd End
We are installing railed seating in the London Rd End, in time for the 2022/23 EFL League 1 Season.

What is railed seating?
These are seats that incorporate a rail specially designed and installed that allow fans to watch the game whilst seated or standing in a safe environment.

Why have the Club installed this?
EFL regulations state that Clubs that play in the Championship cannot have traditional terrace stands for more than three seasons following their promotion.  We received special dispensation for the 21/22 season which was our fourth season combined playing in the EFL Championship with the London Road terrace.

We would not have been able to make the terrace available to fans in its original format should we be successful in gaining promotion to the Championship for the 2023/24 season, therefore the decision was made to invest in railed seating now to ensure we will be compliant.

We also believe that railed seating will also improve both fan safety and the matchday experience.

Can I still stand up?
Yes, fans are welcome to continue to stand and support the team in the great tradition of the London Road End, whilst ensuring supporters obey all ground regulations. Now fans also have the option to sit down should they wish.

Will I have a specific seat?
Yes, all supporters will be allocated a seat and required to stay with their allocated rail seat for the duration of the game.

Is the stand suitable for disabled supporters?
The area, as it has before, still welcome supporters who are registered disabled. What isn’t available unfortunately are spaces for wheelchair users. Railed Seating, in this case, has been installed into an existing structure. That structure, by way of its narrow and declined exit points are not suitable for wheelchair users or for those that struggle with mobility.

We recommend that if anyone does have concerns regarding mobility, then they should have allocated tickets within lower West 3 Block towards the front of the stand. In the event of an evacuation, secondary exit points can be made available to you pitch side. However, the normal exits will still need to be used under normal exit circumstances.

I have bought a season ticket in the terrace, how do I choose my seat?
The club will soon be contacting supporters via a letter with information on how to choose a preferred area/seat. We will also be inviting supporters to an open day on Sunday 24th July for those who wish to try certain seats before submitting their preference. There will be a priority system based on when your season ticket was purchased.

Can I choose seats with my friends and family?
Yes, if you have the fan IDs of your friends and family, you will be able to request rail seats in the same area.

When will I be able to buy tickets for a league game in that stand?
During the installation process, the initial planned seating layout could be subject to change. Once this has been finalised, tickets will then go on sale for the first league game against Morecambe for this area.

Code of Conduct
All supporters wishing to attend domestic fixtures in ‘Railed Seated’ areas are required to comply with this code of conduct. This code of conduct does not replace any other ground rules and are subject to the club’s terms and conditions.

Failure to comply with this Code of Conduct may lead to spectators being removed from the ground and being subject to sanction(s) under the conditions of issue.

When attending a fixture at the Western Homes Stadium within a Railed Seated area, spectators must follow these rules:

  • Spectators must Stand/Sit within ALLOCATED seating only. The area is no longer a terrace and spectators must, as they would do in an all-seated stadium, stand/sit within the allocated position. Ticket holders are required to occupy the space in front of the seat allocated to them on the ticket – that is they cannot migrate to different spaces within the section, as would be possible on conventional terraced standing accommodation.
  • Spectators who fail to stand/sit within an allocated position and likely to be moved as it likely to they are in another spectators allocated position.
  • The area in question is for safe standing and that ticket holders must expect that other spectators will be standing (although of course they may sit on their allocated seat before and after the activity, or during an interval or half- time break).
  • Should spectators wish to move to another area of the stand on a regular occasion, spectators are encouraged to visit the ticket office. The allocated seating position can be changed, and tickets can be updated. Moving without updating the allocated position could lead to unnecessary actions either by the club or inconvenience to the spectator on a match day.
  • Spectators must be respectful towards staff, stewards, and other fans at all times. It is likely that whilst this new scheme is introduced, spectators may be asked to show proof by way of ticket by an SIA steward.
  • Spectators must behave appropriately within the stand. This ‘railed standing’ area is there to keep spectators safe, and spectators must be respectful to others. Despite the number of years of the area being a standing terrace, by regulation, the area’s terms of use have changed.
  • Unless needing to use the facilities, spectators should not move around the stand. Spectators ticket are for one seat and one seat only.
  • Gangways must be kept clear at all times.
  • Exits must be kept clear at all times.
  • 'Railed Seating’ must not be stood on at any time. Spectators who do may be asked to leave.
  • Any spectators with mobility concerns or disabilities should sit within the lower sections of W3 as this provides secondary emergency exit routes pitch side.
  • No wheelchair access is available. Alterative areas within North & South Stand are available.


Terrace Progress
Terrace Progress