Lewis Keeble

Head of Sports Science Lewis Keeble explained the process of the type of fitness testing the players have undertaken since their return to the idverde Training Ground for the start of pre-season this week.

The Posh squad reported back on Monday morning to go through a series of fitness checks and Keeble talked through the importance of the testing and recording of data.

“The boys were back in on Monday and we started with some body composition testing, which looks at their height, weight and skin fold data to analyse their body fat percentage, just to check they have kept themselves in good shape during the off season.

“We then did some jump testing to look at their power profiles, both double leg and single leg. Which helps us to individualise each players training plans moving forward. We also did some hamstring testing on both legs, which is very important for us to check their strength so we can make sure they are in a strong position going into the season and to try and minimalise any injuries and make sure they’re strong enough to cope with the demands throughout pre-season.” Keeble explained.

“On Tuesday, we completed some isometric strength testing to look at how much strength they can push through each limb to make sure everyone is strong enough and symmetrical, again to help reduce injury risk. Also, some individual muscle testing so we have some base line markers going into the season so if anyone does get inured we have some information to refer back to, which is really important.

“The boys then had to do their six-lap aerobic run round the pitches with a timed distance so we can look at where they are at an aerobic fitness point of view again so we can tailor their individual programmes going into pre-season, which is important so we can make sure the lads are as fit as possible for when the season starts,” Keeble added.

The data collected over the course of pre-season is incredibly important to allow the Sports Science and Medical Department to monitor each player and make sure they are getting the most out of them.

Keeble added: “The data is really important to us.

“We did a lot of testing with them before they left for the off season. Each player then had their own individual programme to follow while they were away, once we had given them a period of rest. We played a lot of games last season so it was also important we got some recovery into them so we don’t burn them out going into the new season. 

“Once they had a period off they were back on their individual plan, which was all based off the data points collected over the season and what we want them to hit moving forward.” 

The squad ended the week with a series of cardiac screenings before being pushed to their limits with an endurance test on the watt bike.


Lewis Keeble
Lewis Keeble