Posh backing measures introduced at stadiums across the country.

Ahead of the first home league game of the season at the Weston Homes Stadium we want to make you aware of new measures being taken across all of football to ensure everyone can have a safe and enjoyable experience.

We are supporting strong action from the FA, Premier League and EFL to tackle antisocial and criminal behaviours that put all of us at risk.

Please remember the following activities are illegal, dangerous, have serious consequences and have no place in our game:

  • Carrying or using smoke bombs or pyros
  • Invading the pitch or entering the pitch without permission
  • Throwing objects onto the pitch
  • Drug use within the football ground
  • Discriminatory behaviour

For everyone’s safety, we will report anyone carrying out these offences to the police, which can result in a criminal record.

Anyone who enters the pitch without permission and those carrying or using smoke bombs or pyros will now receive an automatic club ban. These measures could also now apply to the parents or guardians of children involved in these activities.

This reflects the seriousness of the risks to fans and staff – pyros can burn at 2000 degrees Celsius and cause lifechanging injuries, while entering the pitch endangers players, managers and match officials.

We know those who commit these illegal acts do not represent the majority of supporters. The football club will not hesitate to act if any of the above is demonstrated at the Weston Homes Stadium.

The Posh Safety Officer said: “All clubs are in conversation and regularly meeting with EFL and the Sports Ground Safety Advisory to tackle the national problem. We have already club banned an individual involved in the carrying of a Pyrotechnic last weekend away to Cheltenham.

“We will also be provided all CCTV evidence to travelling teams to target those involved in setting Pyrotechnics off when they are here. The problem is a persistent problem especially with away fans and we are continuingly working with Cambridgeshire Police and the away Police force to prosecute those caught. Failing that, we will work closely with the travelling team Police force.

“Managing these matters by way of additional stewarding, investigating fire alarm activations with fire wardens and potentially having to pay for high numbers of Police Officers is not an cost effective way of managing the stadium on a match day.”

#LoveFootball #ProtectTheGame