Dan Robinson welcomes Lewis Elsom

Lewis Elsom has been appointed as the Academy Player Care Manager.

Within the Academy, there are a number of important positions that support the journey of youngsters within the system, both on and off the pitch, and within the last few weeks, Lewis Elsom has been appointed as the Player Care Manager.

Elsom, who progressed through the Academy as a player before being released as an under 18, will support the current group of youngsters from under 9s through to the under 21s and is looking forward to using his experience to help those currently on the journey. 

“I know what it is like to be part of the Academy and I know what it is like to be released so I want to use my experience to help, both those players within the system, but also those who depart the football club, helping them find new clubs or new careers. 

“I have been in and around football all of my life, I have done some coaching within the Academy and still play myself (for Peterborough Sports), but this role is one that excites me. I feel I can make a difference. The key is to be open and honest and that is both for myself and for the players. You have to have that trust. 

“Players will go through a number of challenges during their lives whilst they are within the Academy, whether that be exams, pressures away from school, my job is to be available so they can share any potential struggles they are having that may make an impact on the pitch.”

Academy Manager Dan Robinson said: “We are delighted to have Lewis join us as our Player Care Manager. Having someone who has been through the Academy journey as a player and understands the ups and downs is fantastic for us. Lewis has already put into place a number of plans for next season to support our players and we look forward to him making the role his own.”