Max Beech

Posh under 18s suffer back to back 1-0 home defeats, the latest being against Coventry who managed to get the deciding goal inside the first minute.

The Peterborough United U18s were unsuccessful against Coventry City on Saturday morning as the Sky Blues scored inside the opening minute and then shut out Jimmy Unwin's men for the rest of the encounter.

The match deciding goal came just seconds after the whistle was blown for kick off. A defensive error from the Posh goalkeeper gave Coventry the early lead after an attempted pass back put the him under pressure and the ball was missed in an attempted clearance, leaving the Coventry forward able to take the ball around and tap it in.

Posh responded in immediate fashion, dominating the play for the remainder of the first half, with Odei-Larbi having the first chance on target in the seventh minute. 

Posh had their best chance of the half in the 40th minute after Coventry gave the ball away deep into their own half, allowing George Holley to drive forward with the ball before slipping it through to Max Beech whose attempt was hit straight into the keepers arms.

With a promising first half performance, Posh came straight back out with the same intensity in the second half.

In the 55th minute Posh thought that they had found themselves the equaliser through a Tyler Winters header, but the linesman raised his flag for offside and the goal was disallowed. 

Posh continued to apply the pressure and had another massive chance to get themselves back into the game after a ball was whipped into the box, but Ollie Rose could not manage to keep his header low and the ball went just high of the crossbar.

With ten minutes left to go, the Posh goalkeeper made a redeeming save after a free kick, which was taken just outside the 18 yard box, which seemed destined for the top corner. 

After the fixture, Under 18 Leach Coach Jimmy Unwin, gave his verdict. "There were areas where we should’ve been better with the ball in those areas. And also in the middle of the pitch where we gave away possession too cheaply at times, but I do think we dominated the ball and we created some really good opportunities for each other.”

Joel Odei-Larbi also spoke after the game, being asked what he think went wrong on Saturday, he said: “Again, just that final finish, Jimmy, the coaches, we’ve been working on it, and it’s just one of those days where things just didn’t go our way really.”

Posh: Trialist A, Freeman, Trialist B, Holley, Rose (sub Gilbert 88 min), Toynton, Davies (sub Kelmendi 60 min), Marcon (sub Unwin 45 min), Winters, Beech (sub Changunda 60 min), Odei-Larbi.

By Ella Smetana