Iftar at Posh

Weston Homes Stadium plays host to it's first ever Iftar event

This past Tuesday evening, The Posh welcomed members of the local Muslim community as it played host to Iftar, a traditional breaking of the fast which takes place daily during the month of Ramadan.

The event, held to raise money to support victims of the recent Earthquake in Turkey and Syria, was the first of it's kind at the club, and though a late change in weather forced the celebration indoors, spirits were not dampened as around 200 guests who had been fasting since sunrise took their seats in the Deskgo Stand where they were entertained by a range of speakers and performers before heading inside at 7:54pm where event organiser Shafeel Hussain and his team provided a three course meal for the crowd which included non Muslims who were invited free of charge in order to experience the event and learn more about what the month of Ramadan means to followers of Islam.

The event earned rave reviews from the guests in attendance, with organiser Shafeel keen to continue the tradition in years to come.

"It's the first time we've been given this sort of platform" He said "We're grateful to have had access to the venue and wanted to give the team at Posh an opportunity to see first hand what's involved in the hope that we can build on the success of this years event going forward".

Marketing Manager Mark Kerr was keen to add "Every football club prides itself on being at the heart of the community and we're fortunate in Peterborough to represent a very diverse community, so the opportunity to host an event like this was one we reached out to with open arms".