bond closing

Tomorrow morning at 10am, an email will be sent by Tifosy to the significantly more than 1,000 people who have pre-registered for Priority Access to invest in the Peterborough United Bond.

For one week, only those with Priority Access to the investment page will be able to review the Offer Document in detail and make an application for Bonds. Applications will be accepted on a strict first-come-first-served basis and based on the number of pre-registrations, high demand is anticipated.

The Peterborough United Bond

Effectively a loan to the Club, the Peterborough United Bond will pay a fixed rate of interest over its 5 year term, after which the amount invested will be repaid to the Bondholder. The key terms of the Bond are as follows:

  • 9% interest per annum
  • 15% cash bonus if PUFC is promoted to the Championship by 2026/27
  • Eligible for tax-free returns through an Innovative Finance ISA
  • Minimum investment £500


Exclusive Bondholder Privileges

As well as an annual interest payment and the possibility of a major bonus if the Club is promoted, a unique set of exclusive, money-can’t-buy Bondholder Privileges are being offered at different investment tiers.


Pre-register now at to receive priority access to the investment page and Offer Document.