The end of the school holidays is just around the corner and the Club Shop is the place for ‘back to school’ items.

The summer holidays are coming to an end and children across the city will soon be thinking about returning to school and of course, that often means new rucksacks, stationery, lunch boxes and water bottles.

Thankfully, the Posh Club Shop is the one-stop venue for all those requirements and you will probably pick up a bargain that might not be required for double Science. The Blaze Rucksack is the perfect place to carry all of the school essentials (pencil case, sandwiches, mini Peter Burrow) and is naturally in blue and features the crest. It is priced at £22.

There will be plenty of children out there wanting to be the next Sammie Szmodics and will be looking forward to the weekly PE lesson so the Blaze Gym Bag at £6 will be perfect to ensure you look the part! The Blaze Holdall would also be a perfect addition priced at £30, it has excellent storage to ensure your PUMA boots are kept safe.

Of course, Peter Burrow is extremely popular and he would be thrilled to know children are going to school with the official Mascot Backpack, which is priced at £15. At lunch-time, why not show off your love for Peter with the Mascot Lunch Bag priced at £10 (carrots are an essential lunchtime snack for both you and Peter). We also have Lunch Bags without Peter’s ears all over them priced at £8.

For PE or Lunch Time, you can’t go wrong with an official White Stripe Posh Water Bottle to keep you hydrated at £8. Pens, pencils, rulers, you can’t go to school without them, so thankfully the official Posh Stationery Set has you covered (£7).

And finally, no school return, particularly in this country, is considered without a nod to the British weather and without even checking with the Met Office, there is every chance it is going to rain, so make sure you are covered with the PUMA Junior Rain Jacket, which is priced at £48.

All of the above items are available to purchase in the Club Shop at the Weston Homes Stadium or online at