A statement from Peterborough United Chief Executive Bob Symns.

Not being a scientist or an epidemiologist suggests my view may be deemed unreliable or uninformed.

However, as someone who loves the game with its rollercoaster outcomes whether you are a player, supporter, or club employee, I must share this opinion.

In these difficult and somewhat tragic Covid times the need to be cautious and careful is without doubt. So, it is all hands-on deck to make our places of work as safe as possible.

So, we have religiously followed all Government, SAG, Public Health England and SGSA protocols with the intention to sanitise and protect our grounds so that it will eventually allow our lifeblood (our fans) back inside our stadia.

And that’s the logic ...

So, step up the science and the government to now declare that it’s now not safe to allow 1,000 of our supporters to attend a game in the 15,000 capacity open-air, socially-distanced Weston Homes Stadium.


The same experts inform us that we:

  1. Must get back into cinemas.
  2. Get 3,500 punters back inside the Albert Hall (current capacity 5,272).
  3. Allow unlimited numbers of people into Shopping Precincts.
  4. Encourage support of Restaurants and Pubs.
  5. Return to Gyms and other small outlets.

So, here’s my question Messer’s Whitty, Vallance, Dowden ... and PM.

“Please put me out of my misery and advise how you consider it to be safer to mix inside any of the above numbered venues as opposed to the open-aired afore mentioned stadium?"

Whilst my opinion is obviously tainted by my involvement in football, every part of my being is screaming that if you do not allow our lifeblood to flow, eventually our heart-beat will cease, RIP ...

Fans are Football ... they must return now.

#FansAreFootball #LetFansIn

Bob Symns, CEO