The Football Club are looking to fill a work placement role in the Sports Science department for the 2020-2021 campaign.

General Duties

  • Report to Fitness & Conditioning Coach
  • Be punctual, organised, act in a professional manner and be dressed smartly & appropriately at all times
  • Help to produce a positive working environment within the department and club
  • Always be looking to broaden your knowledge, helping to bring fresh new ideas to the department
  • Endeavour to attend Club CPD Events
  • Abide by All Club Policies (inc. Social Media Guidelines)
  • Assist in organising and periodising individual and team based sessions
  • Assist in planning and delivery of individual and team prehab, strength, conditioning, fitness, rehab and recovery sessions

Morning Duties

  • Attend morning medical meeting & liaise with Fitness & Conditioning Coach and Medical Staff
  • Ensure monitoring equipment is available for players (e.g. urine samples, weight, HR, GPS etc.)
  • Collect and analyse hydration sample and morning wellbeing data (including weight)
  • Ensure correct type and quantity of fluids available for players throughout the day (e.g. Fill fridges of a morning; Make training drinks; Gym area etc.)
  • Assist with daily injury prevention screens & sessions
  • Ensure HR & GPS Systems are ready for training
  • Clean and Monitor monitoring units and equipment
  • Collect relevant morning data and input into monitoring system
  • Help to set up morning sessions
  • Help to conduct/deliver morning and activation/prehab/pitch/gym sessions
  • Assist with delivery and monitoring of training session (including monitoring of live GPS & HR)
  • Help to conduct individual rehab and fitness sessions (record and asses)
  • Support cool down and collect relevant post-training data (including RPE’s & weights)

Afternoon Duties

  • Help to set up afternoon sessions
  • Conduct/Assist with delivery and monitoring of afternoon sessions
  • Liaise with Fitness & Conditioning Coach about daily monitoring and data collection
  • Assist and conduct analysis of HR & GPS Systems and create outputs, updating any individual and group templates/databases
  • Ensure health, safety and hygiene guidelines have been adhered to
  • Update personal logbook/diary/journal
  • Organise for the next day
  • Attend daily debrief


Please be aware this a ‘full-time’ voluntary (unpaid) placement, so is suitable for students still in education (i.e. Sandwich Year Placement; Part-Time MSc Student), and on a relevant degree pathway. Placement also subject to a completed CRB.

Closing Date: Midnight Sunday 12th April 2020

Interview Date: w/c Monday 20th April 2020

Will need to send a Covering Letter & CV. Please email your applications to