Did you know, kidney disease is a silent killer? There is currently no cure yet it affects more than three million people in the UK, striking anyone at anytime – Posh or not (!). In Peterborough and Cambridgeshire alone, around 21,000 people have been diagnosed with kidney disease. There could be another 10,000 people in this area who have the disease but don’t know it.

We all need to know more about it and there needs to be change.

We have struck up a beautiful new friendship with an organisation right on our doorstep, Kidney Research UK, to help bring about that change. Together we want to make a difference in our local community – and beyond.

We’ve got a vested interest in helping look after the health of the local community. We want our team, our staff and volunteers, and our fans to be as fighting fit as possible so we can work, play, cheer and celebrate to the max.

Stand with us to fight kidney disease

The kidneys are unfairly underrated. As a club we know how that feels! But did you know your kidneys are vital for the health of your whole body?

Just like The Posh, the kidneys are constantly working, 24/7! Their top two jobs? They filter your blood to remove all the bad stuff, the toxins, waste products, excess fluid. And as well as producing urine, they have a crucial role in regulating your blood pressure.

If the kidneys don’t work properly, it can be really serious. Worst case scenario, your kidneys fail, and you end up reliant on dialysis or a transplant to stay alive. But, if your kidney problem is identified sooner rather than later, any damage can either be slowed or sometimes reversed.

Are you at risk of kidney disease? Take the test!

Some people are at a greater risk of kidney disease than others. The good news is there’s a really easy online check you can take to find out if you are at risk. Take two minutes to complete it and it could save your life.


With their headquarters based at Lynchwood Business Park in Peterborough, Kidney Research UK is the leading funder of research into kidney disease. As well as raising funds to find improved treatments for kidney disease, the charity wants to raise awareness and help more people get the help they need, sooner. We’re all for that. Please, take the health check!

Are you already impacted by kidney disease?

If you, or someone close to you is affected by kidney disease, your story could help our work with Kidney Research UK. Pop your story on this form and we’ll be in touch. For any other queries, please get in touch with the charity directly on 0300 3031100.

More on this important topic soon!

Best wishes,

Marvin Robinson
CEO, The Posh Foundation