Darren Ferguson has updated supporters on plans for players moving forward.

In the midst of such uncertainty, making plans as a football manager is almost impossible as the world adjusts to the restrictions put in place following the Covid-19 outbreak, but Peterborough United boss Darren Ferguson has updated supporters on how the squad are keeping in shape whilst the professional game is suspended.

The first team squad were all tested over the weekend after chairman Darragh MacAnthony purchased the relevant kits and all have come back as a ‘negative’. Additional testing on staff members has also now taken place with a number of supporters raising concerns following the last league game against Portsmouth at the Weston Homes Stadium.

“Last Saturday, myself and my staff had a Zoom call with the chairman and the plan at that stage was to get the players back into training following the results of the testing, which would have been yesterday (Thursday). However, we were at that point also awaiting the results of the Premier League meeting and then we were told that it was advisable for the players to be off until 3rd April.

“The players were already following programmes at home while they were away from the training ground and have now been given additional programmes that they can complete at home until the beginning of April. We have advised them to purchase exercise bikes/treadmills so they can also do more work just in case the country does go into complete lockdown. At present, the programmes involve work that doesn’t require equipment.

“All of the players tested negative to the testing. We have tested the staff including the chef and are awaiting results. I am currently self-isolating myself as I have asthma and have advised the players to follow the government advice. As a football manager, I have to prepare, and the players have to prepare as if they are coming back to training on 3rd April. That is all we can do at the minute,” Ferguson said.

The professional game is currently suspended until 30th April at the earliest and everyone at the football club is of the opinion that we want the current season to be completed.