Club Shop to introduce extra shopping hour just for the vulnerable.

As part of our continued efforts to re-open the football club and in particular it's retail operations, we are delighted to introduce an extra shopping hour for those most vulnerable and worried to leave the house.

This extra hour will be on Friday morning's, starting from Friday 10th July, and will be between 9am-10am. We ask that those supporters who aren't in a vulnerable group respect that this hour is solely for our most vulberable supporters.

A reminder that as part of our reopening there are a number of strict social distancing measures in place as detailed below:

  • Traffic light system. We will only allow a limited number of people into the shop at any time. Please wait for the green light before you enter.
  • Keep your distance. Please respect others and stay at least 2m away from others.
  • Use card/contactless. If possible, please use your card/contactless to pay rather than using cash. 
  • Buy online for delivery to your door. You can shop 24/7 at for delivery to your door.