As part of our kit launch for the 20/21 season we were honoured to feature a selection of key workers from across the city - we would now like to introduce you to them. This week, we’re getting to know Nathan Foster, who works at Woodston Cycles in the city centre.

It is often very hard to find a positive, particularly when you are talking about a global pandemic, but if you look hard enough, there are always sectors that you have always wanted to thrive, that are seeing a big upturn in sales during this incredibly challenging time.

With many avoiding busy public transport for obvious reasons during the lockdown, many in the city of Peterborough switched their attention to a more efficient and let’s face it, more climate-friendly way of getting to the workplace or to see their loved ones from a safe distance, a bicycle.

Nathan Foster has worked at Woodston Cycles on Oundle Road as a full-time employee since 2009 following a brief spell playing and coaching in Brazil, and since the UK started grappling with coronavirus, he and his colleague that work at the shop have seen a surge in interest in the two-wheel method of transport.

“It has been a very difficult time for everyone, but we have been lucky that we have been allowed to stay open. I think cycling has really taken off during this time and that is partly down to people using bikes to get to work but also because people have taken it up as a hobby. It has been very hard keeping up with the demand and keeping everyone happy but as long as people are staying safe that is the main thing.

“It has been the busiest few months we have ever had, the issue for us now is we are struggling to get stock of new bikes and even parts and accessories, but we are doing our best.  We’ve got so many lovely customers who have been sending us chocolates, hampers and lovely messages in support for what we have been doing.

“Knowing that we are helping people to get out and keep active has been rewarding both from a physical standpoint and from a mental health standpoint. My little sister Jasmine is a Covid-19 Nurse and my other sister Kia is a Supermarket worker and hearing their issues during his period has been incredibly tough when you can’t see them as regularly as we have wanted to.”

Nathan is a huge Posh fan and can’t wait to get the opportunity to support his local football club again, but knows that patience is key. “I have definitely missed my family, although I’m lucky I work with my dad, but there is only so much of his singing and dad jokes you can take!  I can’t wait until I have football back. I work for football. I have been a Posh fan since 2000.

“My first game was a 2-2 draw with Bristol Rovers. I’m also youth team head coach for Stamford AFC. I’ve been coaching at the club for 11 years and miss the training ground and the poor banter from the lads, but again so lucky to have such a great group of lads who have stayed in touch and many will achieve good things in the game.”

You can visit Woodston Cycles on Oundle Road (71-73) or call 01733 563219. You can also find them on Facebook here.

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