The football club have put together some FAQ’s based on questions from supporters over the past few days.

Q1 | I live in Tier 3, can I attend matches at the Weston Homes Stadium?
No. Current government guidelines that no-one can travel from Tier 3 locations for anything other than essential travel/work.

Q2 | If I choose option 3 in the season ticket choices, is my seat still reserved?
Yes, your seat will remain reserved for not only this season, if we return to a normal seating plan, but will be reserved for a limited period of time to enable you to purchase for the 2021-2022 campaign.

Q3 | Can you explain more about the Fleetwood club cash?
When the season started, everyone at the club were planning for football to return in October and we hoped that a couple of games at most would be missed by supporters. The plan was to refund the difference between the season ticket pro-rata price paid and the iFollow match pass cost. This was awarded for the Fleetwood game only. This was then paused while the co-owners finalised the options for season ticket holders. If you choose Option 1 or Option 2, fans will get to keep this club cash that has already been awarded. If Option 3 is chosen, that club cash will be revoked.

Q4| How will the season ticket ballot work?
Full details will be released soon on how season ticket holders choosing Option 1 and Option 2 can obtain tickets for league games at the Weston Homes Stadium. The final details may depend on what options season ticket holders choose and also how many fans choosing Option 1 and Option 2 are living in Tier 3 locations. Supporters will be able to apply for tickets in their household/support bubble and under 12s will be included.

Q5 | I want to choose Option One, but I also want to receive priority on seat selection in the new stadium, is that possible?
The co-owners have discussed this and now added priority seating selection at the new stadium to Option 1.

Q6 | Do I get a refund if I miss out on games in the season ticket ballot?
With Option’s 1 and 2, you are donating your pro-rata refund and therefore any games missed are not eligible for a refund.

Q7 | I have chosen Option 3, when can I get into games at the Weston Homes Stadium?
If Peterborough goes into Tier 1, the club will be able to allow 4,000 supporters into the stadium, at this point all season ticket holders, irrespective of Options chosen, will be eligible to attend.

Q8 | What happens to my credit from last season’s five missed matches?
Those who didn’t donate the five missed games from the 2019-2020 campaign will still have their credit added to their ticketing accounts (50% before 2021-2022 season tickets go on sale and the other 50% the following year). This is not connected with this season’s options.

Q9 | If I choose option 3 and decide not to come if Peterborough is back in tier 1 (4,000 fans), do I get a refund?
Yes, there is no obligation to attend once we enter tier 1 restrictions (4,000 fans) and you can request a refund for any game missed by contacting the ticket office.

Q10 | What happens if I do not submit my season ticket options in time and miss the deadline?
As we have to plan for the Rochdale game, anyone missing the deadline will be removed from any ballot/eligibility for the first game.

Q11 | Will I be able to sit in my reserved season ticket holder seat for games I get tickets for?
The football club have put into operation a socially distanced seating plan so not all seats will be used while we are under restrictions and your season ticket holder seat may not be available.

Q12 | How will I get tickets for the league games where fans are allowed?
If you have chosen option 1 or 2 and are lucky enough to be eligible to obtain your tickets for a league game, you will need to login to, call our ticket office on 01733 865674 (booking fees apply) or visit the ticket office in person. You will be sent a digital e-ticket via email approximately 3 days prior to the game.