Statement provided by 42live following Saturday’s stream of Coventry City double-header.

"42live has provided the pay per view system for Peterborough United friendly games during the month of August. These have all been extremely successful apart from today’s match and generated a good income for the clubs involved.

The PPV Platform provider that 42Live used throughout this was Streaming Video Provider. Today at kick-off, due to the high volume of users, their servers weren't able to scale quickly enough to adapt to the extra load. The knock-on effect being that some subscriber's viewing experience was affected.

42Live were assured by Streaming Video Provider previous to the stream that it could handle 30,000+ concurrent viewers. This clearly wasn’t the case today, as some of the viewers have indicated.

These matches will be made available on demand by the end of the day free of charge for everyone who purchased a ticket, using the same passwords already provided. We apologise for those who have been affected and also let down by our PPV provider."