Peterborough United Football Club have issued the following statement.

Peterborough United Football Club would like to offer an unreserved apology to all victims and survivors of abuse by former employee Bob Higgins.

“As a football club, we recognise and understand that some of the players under our care were subjected to unacceptable abuse and for this, the club is very sorry.

“We first received an allegation against Bob Higgins in January 2013. We immediately reported this allegation to the Police, the FA, the Football League and the local authority and the case was taken on by Hampshire Police, who on the 8th July 2014, emailed our club secretary to confirm that following their investigation no further action was taken against Mr Higgins and Mr (Kit) Carson.

“We received one further complaint in 2017 which again we immediately reported to the relevant organisations. Since 2017, we have been working closely and provided our full assistance and co-operation with all regulatory and law enforcement agencies including the Clive Sheldon QC inquiry.

“The club would like to reiterate that the Safeguarding procedures in place at the football club are of the highest order. We have worked closely with a charity partner, the NSPCC and have continued (and will continue) to educate players within our care.

“We are saddened that a number of players have suffered at the hands of an individual that has been employed at this football club and once again we offer an unreserved apology to all victims and survivors of abuse by Bob Higgins.”