Posh enjoyed a good match day with wins Grimsby defeated by the scholarship programme.

On Wednesday 9th January, Posh travelled to St George’s Park, the home of English football, to play against both Grimsby A and Grimsby C in futsal fixtures.

Posh started the game against Grimsby A slowly, not organising or getting set. This resulted in Posh going 4-0 down in the first 15 minutes. Posh created a few chances and were close to getting back into the game from some well worked set pieces. Half time approached and Posh were 6-0 down, needing a better second half to try and get back into the game.

Posh started well and on the front foot looking after the ball better than the first half. They manged to score from Goymour after a well worked corner. Posh were then pushing and trying to press Grimsby higher up the court, however the quality of Grimsby managed to play around this and adding to their tally numerous of times. Despite the game being out of sight, Posh were trying to keep to the match day objectives and keep the ball. Final score: 9-1.

MOTM: Ollie Goymour

Posh started the game vs Grimsby C deflated from the first game where they were beaten heavily from a well organised Grimsby A. Posh were enjoying a lot more possession and creating more chances but with nothing to show for it. Posh kept trying to break the deadlock but Grimsby were first to do so from a Posh kick-in they intercepted and scored. Posh knew they had to up their game to compete and did.

The ball speed became better for the blues and as a result were causing a lot of problems for Grimsby, Goymour then scored again from another corner where he managed to receive the ball and toe punt from distance. Half time approached and both teams had chances. Posh knew they needed a little bit more quality to win the game and in the second half produced some good futsal.

With much at stake, both teams were getting late to challenges and quickly racking up to the five fouls count. Munns had a two-minute spell where he was excellent, just edging wide a set piece and drawing in a foul resulting in a penalty from the second spot, which Munns failed to convert with the full time whistle getting close. With 10 minutes remaining, Mulholland won the ball, beat his player and from a tight angle managed to squeeze his shot past the mariner’s keeper. With seven minutes to hold on, Posh showed great fight and character to deny Grimsby and come away with three points. Final Score: 2-1.

MOTM : Sam Bayly