The latest blog from the Posh SLO Chris Abbott.

Well the season is well underway and I am sure we are all disappointed with the results to date. However, this is the time when us supporters must stick together and support the team even more and I am sure those wins will soon start to come. Saturday will see 4,000 Ipswich fans make the trip to the Weston Homes Stadium and it is important we get as many Posh fans there as possible and support the team.

Off the field the Fleetwood match saw the new Posh Fan experience team in operation. We now have six people supporting myself to enhance the match day experience. On a match day they will be stationed in the Fan Zone and in the new Peter’s Burrow as well as around the stadium. Talking of Peter’s Burrow, I would like to congratulate the club and in particular Chris and Jake for all their hard work in getting this idea of the ground and in operation. I am sure anyone that has been over to the family stand can help but be impressed with the new venture over there.

Tonight will see the Chairman and Randy host a fans forum in which they will update you all on various things both on and off the field here. The owners have always tried to be a transparent as possible with the fan base here and it is something we should all be extremely grateful for. When you look what’s happening to both Bolton Wanderers and Bury it really does so you what can happen to clubs when they have the wrong owners. Talking of Bury, I really do hope the situation is resolved as soon as possible and they can commence their season, as a supporter, we would never want our club in that situation and I am sure the Bury fans hope this is resolved as soon as possible.

Lastly a massive thank you to those supporters who made the trip or trips to Oxford. Your support is very much appreciated.

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