Free event for senior citizens returns on 1st October (today) with John Cozens as guest speaker.

The hugely successful ‘senior citizen event’ is returning on Monday 1st October with former Peterborough United star John Cozens entertaining guests of his career on and off the pitch.

The event, which takes place from 12pm until 2pm, will take place in the Caroline Hand Executive Suite and is free to attend. Tea and coffee will be provided. Press Officer and organiser Phil Adlam said: “We started this event at the back end of last season and have had Peter McNamee, Ray Smith, Roy Banham and Peter Deakin as guest speakers.

“We are pleased to confirm that John Cozens will be our next star attraction and have switched the event to the Caroline Hand Executive Suite (this date is the first one available hence a switch to a Monday). We look forward to seeing as many senior citizens as possible at the event and are already working on the next event.”

To attend the event, just report to Main Reception just before 12.