The Posh Schools Initiative made a first visit to Whittlesey on Wednesday morning.

The Peterborough United Schools Initiative visited Whittlesey on Wednesday morning with a visit to Park Lane Primary School and mascot Peter Burrow is showing signs of improvement when it comes to his ‘flossing’ technique.

The rabbit has been taught how to floss by youngsters across the area and at Park Lane, he seemed to be picking up a few skills. Every pupil in the school received a FREE ticket for a forthcoming home fixture at the ABAX Stadium with an adult also admitted free of charge.

Press Officer Phil Adlam said: “Having grown up in Whittlesey, it was great to go back and visit Park Lane Primary School with mascot Peter Burrow. We received a very warm welcome by the staff and pupils at the school and look forward to seeing them at games coming up at the ABAX Stadium.”