The women and girls department would like to thank a new sponsor.

The Peterborough United girls under 12s team will be sponsored by TACT, the largest fostering and adoption charity in the UK for the new campaign.

TACT operate from 11 offices across England, Wales and Scotland with over 600 foster carers and adopters. They have been helping to provide loving families for vulnerable children for 25 years. As a charity they invest all our resources into delivering the highest quality services for their children and young people and working to improve their future life chances.

In April 2017 Peterborough City Council entered into an innovative and ground-breaking partnership with TACT, to develop a new permanency service that will improve the outcomes for the children and young people of Peterborough, who are in care or on the edge of care.

They work closely with fellow charities, central government and local authorities to improve the system for all looked after children.

If you are interested in fostering or adoption please visit the TACT website at or call us on Tel: 0330 123 2250. Jenna Lusk, Women and Girls Manager said ‘I would like to personally thank TACT for their support this upcoming season. We hope to continue to grow footballing opportunities for girls and women within Peterborough as well as grow further awareness and support of the fantastic work TACT do’.