Peter Burrow makes a big impression at Alderman Jacobs Primary School.

The Peterborough United Schools Initiative continued on Monday morning with a visit to Alderman Jacobs Primary School, the third and final primary school in Whittlesey to receive a visit from the football club and mascot Peter Burrow.

The school, which has over 600 pupils all received a FREE ticket to watch a forthcoming Posh fixture at the ABAX Stadium with an adult also admitted free of charge. Press Officer Phil Adlam said: “I really enjoyed this visit personally as it was my old primary school, albeit a long time ago! It was a big school in terms of number but they were brilliant in making us feel welcome.

“Hopefully we will see a lot of the youngsters at a forthcoming game at the ABAX Stadium. I know that Peter Burrow high fived pretty much every child at the school!”