Mick George Ltd combines with Posh to give supporters the opportunity to ‘shape up the professional way'.

The festive period seems a distant memory now, but we are still left with the lingering memory. Unfortunately, that comes in the form of unwanted extra weight or a lack of fitness, courtesy of excess indulging.

What’s worse, every newspaper, website or TV Channel you come across is awash with celebrities and sports individuals that are in perfect shape. And as a result, many will be trawling the web or dietary magazines to find the magic answer, in a quest to replicate, but often it’s a wasted mission.

Not anymore. Local Construction business Mick George Ltd has combined with Peterborough United Football Club to give fans, fitness fanatics and the general public alike, the opportunity to ‘shape up the professional way.’

Undoubtedly, sportsmen and women are incredible athletes, and that owes thanks to their balanced diets and structured exercise regimes. To help, Mick George Ltd, official sponsor of the club and the Mick George Training Academy will be publishing a bespoke 31-day fitness plan, to test cardio, strength, core, recovery and dietary disciplines.

In a bid to improve health and well-being, the plan has been composed in direct correlation to the football club’s training programme, delivered by the Peterborough United coaching staff for the club’s players.

You can follow the plan at www.mickgeorge.co.uk/fitness, and on Mick George Ltd’s social media channels, where daily updates, advice and progress reports will be featured.

Each day will focus on a different area, but if rigorously followed should reap the rewards and have you in great shape before the Summer arrives.

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd commented: "As we all know, January and February are traditionally dull months for one reason or another. But as we move in to March, the extra daylight and warmer weather often encourages people to get active."

Stump continued: "Our association with the football club and particularly the Academy’ allows us to get close to the training programmes that the professionals use. Health and well-being is such a major part of people’s daily lives now, so we thought this could be a nice way to engage. It would be good to see the results from those who follow the plan."