Football Club help with one-year anniversary of clinic in Rivergate.

Physiotherapy can change lives and it’s access to NHS services like DynamicHealth based at Rivergate, Vierzen Platz, that make it possible.

Now, almost a year after the bespoke clinic, provided by Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust opened to patients, a team from Peterborough United FC visited for the anniversary celebration.

Before cutting the ribbon Jack Collison, now under 18s manager after retiring from injury in 2016 said that footballers were no exception to needing support from specialists like those at DynamicHealth. He said:  “The effects of illness or injury can not only cause pain and reduce mobility but it can knock your confidence. These conditions can affect anyone and footballers are no exception.

“The DynamicHealth Peterborough team has always had an “every problem has a solution” mentality. They took the relocation to Rivergate in their stride - working together on design and development to create a modern and welcoming rehabilitation environment.”

Jack was joined by young left-back Lewis Freestone and Academy Manager Nick Sheppard as well as mascot Peter Burrow at the event. A spokesperson from Peterborough United FC said: "We were delighted to be invited to officially open this new facility and everybody at Peterborough United know the significance of this environment. Injuries can affect patients both physically and mentally and having viewed the facility, we know how beneficial this will be to those that use it.

DynamicHealth provides specialised services for people living with or experiencing problems from muscles, nerves and joints. These are known as musculoskeletal (MSK) problems and include symptoms such as pain, numbness, stiffness and weakness as a result of injury, strain, posture or following an operation.

Sarah Saul, business manager said: “The anniversary has been a great opportunity to share the team’s hard work with other Trust colleagues and the representatives from Peterborough United FC.

“Our experts can assist with managing these symptoms and treat all MSK problems from the neck and jaw to the feet. We are passionate about delivering a highly effective, evidence based and sustainable service.”