The latest from the Futsal Scholarship programme.

On Monday evening, we held an under 16's Futsal Tournament at Nene Park Academy. A total of 10 players, Coley, England, Olive, Bester, Cutts, Burchnall, Cook, Trabelsi, Howland, Bonnett and Powell, were selected to represent Posh in the tournament, which saw five teams including Posh, Deeping, Gunthorpe, and 2 Thurlby Tigers teams, go head to head.

The players selected had previously played little or no Futsal, but by the end of the tournament, Futsal was being played to an impressive standard. After a few tight fixtures, Deeping Rangers came away the winners, with Lee Angol stepping into his role as Futsal Ambassador, and presenting the victors with trophies as medals, as well as medals to all runners up.

On Wednesday, an internal tournament was held at Oxford Indoor City Arena. Players whom have applied to the Futsal Scholarship, along with a handful of other selected players, travelled to Oxford to take part in this event, which consisted of a game-filled day, with three Posh under 16's teams, and one Scholars side competing against one another to win the tournament. This kind of event is invaluable to Scholars and potential Scholars, as it gives them a real taste of what it's like to play on a match day on board the EFL Futsal Scholarship. Futsal Programme Manager, Michael Johnson, was really impressed with all of the player's performances, and said, "The standard was so high and I can't wait to work with these players next year, and hopefully win some big tournaments!"

Futsal coaches Jenna Lusk and Callum Avent, along with Futsal Programme Manager Michael Johnson, travelled to England's training ground St George's Park on Tuesday, to take part in the EFL run CPD event for all Futsal Scholarship Programme Coaches. The aim of the event was to bring together coaches from clubs all over the country, and share and extend their knowledge of the game. Coaches compared their best practices and discussed their views of the nations facilities, in order to help improve one another's programmes.

Michael delivered a lecture to all coaches in attendance, and discussed how having Futsal Ambassadors Jack Collison and Lee Angol on board was a really effective way of reaching out to a wider variety of players. Another great point that Michael discussed was how the Posh Futsal Scholarship uses social media so effectively, and how by being very active and posting regular updates, it has allowed the programme to engage with more potential players. You can see all of the Posh Futsal Scholarship programme's regular updates by following us on the social media platforms listed at the bottom of the page.

Finally, we are very excited to congratulate our recent applicants who have received offers from the Posh Futsal, and look forward to working with you on September.

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