The Posh Ladies reserves were beaten 3-1 by Moulton FC in their latest fixture.

Peterborough United ladies Reserves vs Moulton Fc Ladies

As the first half kicked off Peterborough gained possession and moved the ball around well getting their first shot on goal. Moulton were quick to gain possession after a goal kick was taken. They kept the ball really well making it extremely difficult for Peterborough to settle in to the game. A penalty was awarded for a hand ball against Peterborough. Peterborough's goalie saved the penalty but Moulton were quick to get the rebound and score. Moulton carried on keeping possession which eventually gave them their second goal.

Half time- Peterborough 0-2 Moulton

As the second half kicked off Peterborough needed to gain possession quickly to give them a chance to get back into the game. Moulton were quick to attack on goal narrowly missing. As Peterborough gained possession they played the ball up the pitch and had a shot on goal which was blocked by Moulton awarding a penalty to Peterborough. Unfortunately the penalty was missed.

Moulton were then quick to get the ball out and counter attack to score their third goal leaving Peterborough little chance to get back in to the game. As Lia Richardson took a corner, Bryony Fox was quick to get the ball in the back of the net giving Peterborough their first goal.

Final score- Peterborough 1-3 Moulton