Match report from the reserve team fixture with Woodford United Ladies.

As the first half kicked off Peterborough gained possession of the ball quickly and played some brilliant passing around Woodford making it difficult for them to get the ball. Peterborough were quick to attack on goal getting their first shot away as the keeper saved it. Woodford then gained possession and started to play their game.

Both teams continued to battle for the ball as Peterborough gained possession and moved quickly up the pitch with Imogen James playing the ball through to Tash Applegate to score the first goal of the game. Woodford were quick to get back into the game when they were awarded a penalty for a handball giving them their first goal of the game. Peterborough then went on to score their second goal of the game as Lia Richardson placed the ball in the back of the net.

As Peterborough kicked the second half off it was all still to play for. Peterborough were extremely quick to attack on goal giving them their third goal of the game with a fantastic finish by Lia Richardson. Woodford were not ready to give up and continued battling for their second goal taking a lot of chances on goal which eventually paid off making the score 3-2. Peterborough were quick to gain possession playing some lovely passing up the pitch to gain the fourth goal scored by Lia Richardson giving her a hatrick. Woodford then scored their third goal and battled until the end.

Final Score: Peterborough United Ladies Reserves 4–3 Woodford United Ladies