Posh legend takes goalkeeping training session at local side.

Peterborough United’s player/goalkeeper coach Mark Tyler was invited to local side Deeping Rangers Football Club on Thursday (3rd November) evening to take a training session for the clubs goalkeepers.

Tyler, who has close to 800 professional appearances under his belt, put keepers Richard Stainsby, Robbie Virgin and Max Fisher through a training session similar to one that the current Posh goalies undertake at the Mick George Training Academy on a daily basis before offering his advice on helping the keepers improve.

“The session we did was similar to what we do as part of our warm-up before joining in with team and the gaffer. It’s a lot of work on the feet and hands and finished with a bit of fun in a little competition at the end. Some of the lads were breathing heavily, but it was good fun and it’s nice to come out and give my advice and pass on some of my expertise,” Tyler said.