Posh 'B' side beaten by Southampton 'D' in latest Futsal fixture.

Southampton started containing possession very well with Posh thinking Southampton were going to play their usual formation a 3-1 and set up to defend in a diamond, however were stunned when Southampton went into playing a box.

Posh had to change tactics in the first couple of minutes matching Southampton. Posh reacted better than expected with the two defending very well, making the Saints be patient in trying to break down the Blues. However Posh countered on Southampton not breaking us down and through a bright counter attack from Danko Posh were in front.

Posh were looking good off the ball, the defensive shape was excellent until a sloppy challenge  from Grande gave Southampton a free kick on the edge of the box. The wall was set up well from keeper Moore, who had an excellent game, but Grande had his back to the ball letting the taker for the Saints smash the ball past him, to hit the post. The ball travelled across the line to the other post and then came loose in the box, Posh were asleep and Southampton tapped the ball in to draw level.

As a result of the goal, Posh looked very nervy on the ball, going from calm and confident in possession to not keeping the ball. The second goal came from Grande giving the ball away on the right side, he tried to complicate a simple pass. The pass was cut out and Southampton travelled in possession of the ball and struck it across goal to make it 2-1.

When the second half started Posh never got going with Southampton scoring within the minutes of the second half starting. Saints took a long shot with Moore pulling off a very good save however no one for the Blues was ready for the second ball. With an incident taking place a change was needed seeing the Keeper being swapped with an outfield player taking the place in goal. Their 4th and 5th goal came from Posh crumbling and not being able to get any type of shape with silly fouls been giving away early on in the half.

Posh: Moore, Doyle, Stokes, Danko, Grande, Batten, Taylor.