Posh defender on hand to give out awards to NCS students.

Following the conclusion of the NCS scheme last week, Posh’s Hayden White arrived to give out various awards to those involved on a night of celebration for the 16 and 17 year olds achievements and hard work.

NCS brings young people together from various different backgrounds and offers them a common purpose and new opportunities as they take on new challenges, new skills and engage with new people. Enabling these young people to discover new talents and uncover their potential while having fun and enjoying themselves, the scheme has proved to be a resounding success once more.

Those involved were challenged to take part in numerous fund raising ventures, including a sponsored fun run through Ferry Meadows, a bag pack at the local supermarket as well as working with the Orton Day Care Centre to produce canvas artworks to be displayed in the home, and to raise funds for a new bingo machine.

As the scheme came to an end, Hayden White was present to give out their awards at the graduation ceremony and he was all smiles as he posed for photographs, shook hands and spoke to the new graduates alike.