Message from Peterborough United chairman Darragh MacAnthony on 2016/17 season tickets...

Hi Posh faithful,

Season Ticket time again and as we reflect on the last eight months, I’d say we’ve had the usual roller-coaster ride that seems to come with being a regular at the ABAX Stadium.

The difference between the highs and lows are never easy to explain with the post FA Cup games being a perfect example, but what I can assure you of is that WE ... and I mean everyone at the football club, will be digging very deep to have the best finish to the season that we can possibly manage. So, let’s kick off on a positive note.

The early-bird season ticket prices for next season are being frozen with no increase but will only be available until 31st March (with Zebra Finance available). During the second phase, there will be a small percentage price increase on last year’s phase 2 cost (with Zebra Finance available). There will also be no increase on Matchday pricing as we attempt to keep our structure as affordable as possible. Whilst our overhead costs for the stadium continue to rise I am always mindful of the financial challenges that you are presented with on a daily basis.

Also not changing from last season is the draw to find three Season Ticket holders who will have bought their new tickets in the early bird phase and are registered on our database with a valid email address and subscribed to receive email notifications. You will be reimbursed the cost of your tickets and will enjoy the season free of charge.

Thank you for your pride, passion and loyalty...

Darragh MacAnthony

Season ticket holders will soon be sent their personalised websites containing all the information needed to renew for the 2016/17 season.