The Posh 'C' Futsal team were beaten 2-1 by their Norwich City counterparts.

Posh started up against it going into this fixture with Norwich C winning 8 games out of a possible 8, but Posh were looking to put an end to their unbeaten run.

However Norwich started on the front foot containing most of the ball, Posh were defending in a box putting slight pressure on Norwich but within three minutes of the game starting, Posh were caught out from a ball which was played over the top. The Canaries managed to get wide in possesion of the ball, they then attacked and slotted the ball through Whyatt's legs.

Posh needed to react to this and did. They did so and nearly turned the game around when Gray went very close just after this from a magnificent run beating two players using the sole of the foot for his control to then slot past the keeper however the keeper manged to get a leg to it to deny Gray a goal.

Posh were now seeing a lot more of the ball, but were sloppy while in possession, gifting the ball back to Norwich. Whyatt was excellent between the posts for Posh, he made many crucial saves in the first half. Norwich and Posh were both going strong into the break both seeing a fair share of the ball however Norwich were able to make something off their possession when Posh were switched off at the start of the match and went into the break with a goal advantage.

Posh came out in the second half needing to keep the ball better when having their share of possession, in the second half they did this well moving the ball and making Norwich work. Posh were coming on strong as the game grew. As the minutes ticked by, Posh were creating chance in front of goal, however were vulnerable at the back as Norwich had gone into the shape of 2-1-1. Posh managed to defend this well and caught Norwich sleeping as Soames won the ball and played a great ball to Gray where he was positioned out wide and smashed across goal to see it hit the inside of the post and go in.

The score was now 1-1 but the game has became open and had started becoming end to end. Both keepers were making some extremely important saves to keep their sides in the game. However with seven minutes remaining Norwich had a corner and converted from the set piece as Posh had set up to deep and had not applied pressure on the ball when it was set from the corner to a deep player driving onto the ball.

The Blues continued to work hard with belief they could win, Gray then produced a great piece of magic, when he beat his defender from a wide area and took his shot, but could only stand and watch it go inches of the goal line and post but drag wide. Posh were knocking on the door of Norwich but again left themselves short at the back but Whyatt was ensuring they didn't fall further behind.

Norwich were cutting it fine with 5 minutes to go on 5 fouls and with 3 minutes to go a foul on Whyatt meant that it was the 6th foul and a penalty to the Posh from the second penalty spot. Soames stood up to take this, however taking the toe punt approach. The Yellows GK had read this from Soames approach and stood strong to save. Posh were denied from the spot and were still trying to grab a goal so they could come away with a point. However they failed to do this and Norwich took all three points away from the Barking Sporthouse Arena.

Posh had took the Canaries to the final whistle in this fixture and although they couldn't get any points from the game, both coaches Callum Avent/ Michael Johnson were pleased with their sides display. Norwich hadn't been tested to this capacity all season.

Posh: Whyatt, Batton, Taylor, Soames, Stokes, Gray, Messina, Danko, Wilcox, Grande