The Posh Futsal 'A' side hammered Brentford 'A' in their latest fixture.

Posh went into this game with a must win attitude to keep the fight for Nationals alive. Brentford, who were sitting in second position were looking to close the gap between them and top of the league.

Posh's positive attitude showed certainly in the opening few minutes on the pitch as they looked very bright from the start. The Blues saw Brant score within a minute from a well worked goal where he dropped his shoulder and went right and hit the ball across the keeper to put Posh one up.

Posh didn’t take their foot off the gas as a quick free kick was taken from Powell which caught Brentford out of position, a simple pass followed to Brant which enabled him to slot into an empty net. Posh were fired up after this but they needed to remain calm and focused.

Michael Johnson's side kept on top of their defensive duties and did this very well. Posh were dropping into a box shape to keep Brentford near the half way line.

The Bee's rotation was a threat, however Posh were keeping this in front of them where they could see it. Posh were defending excellently and Brentford failed to get in and behind Posh, however in the minority they did create pockets of space, but when called upon Moore sweeped these up and pulled off many terrific saves.

Posh countered tremendously well and took their chances well when Nassunculo took the ball past his defender and hit it across goal finding the inside of the far post to put the Blues three up.

Just before the break Doyle got himself on the score sheet from a very nice bit of play from the Blues finding a player in the corner and Doyle receiving it with his back to goal. Doyle then received the ball, turned his played and struck the back of net. After the break Posh didn’t need to score and sat deep as Brentford changed to fly goalkeeper.

This went in favour for the Posh as Brentford were sloppy in possession giving the ball away to Nassunculo who saw his shot from 35 yards nestle in the net to make it 5-0. Posh when in possesion were doing well, moving it quickly and catching Brentford out. Peterborough passed and rotated quickly, this lead to Posh getting the sixth of the day. Mucklin converted for the Blue after the quick neat play which Mucklin tapped home from the back post.

Brentford continued playing fly however were giving the ball away loosely, this made them give fouls away to stop Posh from breaking away and scoring, from this their foul tally soon went up to five fouls meaning the next one was a penalty. Bland was soon awarded a penalty and was quick to pick the ball up, but he saw his spot-kick saved. Bland was first to the rebound and was fouled again meaning a second penalty. Luxford was the man to step up this time to try and increase Posh’s lead from the spot. Luxford fired home with a toe-punt into the top right hand corner.

Brentford who then still continued to play fly allowed Brant to complete his hat trick from picking the ball up in his own half and driving to beat the last man back which then allowed him to hit into the empty net. Posh were winning 8-0. However with seconds remaining Brentford scored from a long range shot. Posh came away with all three points but failed to keep a clean sheet which they were wanting to come away with in the later stages of the game.

Posh: Moore, Mucklin, Nassanculo, Powell, Bland, Gale, Doyle, Brant, Luxford.