The Posh 'C' Futsal team beat Chelsea 'D' 7-1 in their latest round of fixtures.

Posh had opened play dominating most of possession in the first 15 minutes, having many shots on goal and making the Chelsea keeper work. Finally after 17 minutes of domination, the Blues broke Chelsea's defence and Taylor nut-megged the keeper to put the Posh 1-0 up just a few minutes before the interval.

After half-time not much changed, Posh were still dominant. But Chelsea managed to get the game level after their first shot on target was put in the top corner which beat Posh GK Whyatt. Posh stayed calm and straight after replied with a goal of their own from Doyle.

Although Posh were leading they should of been out of Chelsea's sight as they had hit the target over 20 times. Grande scored a well worked goal to make it 3-1 to Posh after eight consecutive passes. For Posh's 4th goal, Taylor intercepted a well worked Chelsea Attach and counter attacked at pace to find the net for Posh with a direct but clinical finish.

Posh continued to apply a sustained amount of pressure against Chelsea's backline scoring a further three goals from Taylor, Mitchell and Grande.

Manager Michael Johnson said 'We looked to dominate possession and keep the ball which we did very well today, this opened Chelsea's defence many times; it was just a shame we couldn't extend our six goal lead and keep a clean sheet. It's a great start to the season, with many players showing me their ability. '