A couple of dates for your diary as donations are made to help with the production of a statue.

 www.thechristurnerstatue.co.uk You can find out more about the project at

On Thursday 19th November, the statue launch night takes place for local businesses and a day later will be the launch night for supporters. Both evenings take place at the ABAX Stadium and get underway at 7pm.

http://www.seanhedgesquinn.co.uk/ We have commissioned one of the elite sporting statues sculptor Mr Sean Hedges Quinn who is a football fan himself. Sean is responsible for the amazing statues of Sir Alf Ramsey, Sir Bobby Robson, Bob Stokeo and Ted Bates and his amazing work can be seen on his website

We are equally positive all Posh are behind the idea and that the finished product will give us all a focal point on a match day where we can pay our respects, use it as a meeting point (“meet you at Chris”) and be something to be proud of in the knowledge that we, Posh fans had paid for this amazing tribute.

The base, plinth, delivery of statue, erection, security and general maintenance will all have to be paid for, the exact amount is at present not known but it will be over £75,000. However massive and frightening this amount is, rest assured the committee are fully aware of the daunting size of the task ahead.

However all these things and many other obstacles will have to be overcome and with your support this dream can be realised. You have our word that hard work and commitment will be a given. We will try to keep you all informed of the progress at all times via our website and other social networks.

Unfortunately none of the committee can do this ever again, we will be wondering about the cost, the logistical problems the organisers had to overcome, council planning, footings, the plinth dimensions, rod support and myriad other things we’d rather never heard of.

When we as football fans travel all over the country and see the amazing statues outside other grounds like those at Portman Road, Elland Road, St Marys and The Stadium of Light we tend to take in their beauty and walk away.

The most visually impressive way it was quickly agreed would be a life size statue and so this massive project began.

A group of long term Posh got together immediately after the passing of Chris Turner to discuss the possibility of commemorating the great man in such a way that fellow Posh and football fans in general could pay their respects.