The Posh 'A' team recorded an impressive 4-0 victory over Southampton 'B' in the latest round of Futsal fixtures.

Michael Johnson's men went into the fixture with confidence after Posh sides had won five out of five of recent fixtures.

Peterborough were on edge though as they had not faced or seen a Southampton side, they were to face the unknown. The game started, with both teams playing at a furious tempo knocking the ball from left to right, forward and back. Posh managed to seize on a great opportunity when Morling intercepted the ball then travelled at pace to counter attack the Saints. Morling then played the ball wide to Brant who slotted the ball into the bottom corner from out wide across the goal.

Posh were looking very dangerous every time they went forward as Southampton looked comfortable on the ball but off the ball very open. Morling managed to be the provider this time for Posh' second rather than to assist. Bland had chucked the ball into Powell who had got in the 'hole', Powell executed a very good 1st time pass around the corner in which Morling had run onto who then placed the ball home to make it Posh 2 Southampton 0.

Posh had rode a Southampton serge just a few minutes after the half time break and with only 10 minutes left on the clock Southampton had decided to chuck everything at it and play fly goalkeeper.

Posh: Bland, Batten, Gale, Nassunculo, Brant, Morling, Powell, Mucklin, Grande, Stokes.
For a few minutes Posh were struggling to cope with the overload from Southampton with the extra player coming from the GK, but they then changed their tactics after Coach Michael Johnson noticed they needed to drop deep to defend against the extra player.

After doing so, the Blues were managing far better when Nassunculo managed to intercept the ball and strike from distance to catch the Saints GK in the Posh half and put the Posh three goals ahead. Nassunculo got a second when Powell cut out another loose pass and caught the keeper out again from playing fly GK.

Johnson said: 'It was another very convincing win for us, we played some great football today and played the right way. We are getting better and better by the week'.