Peterborough United duo Jon Taylor and David Norris spent time at Orton Wistow Primary School as part of the club's ticket initiative with local schools.

The duo were joined by mascot Peter Burrow at the school on Thursday afternoon and Marketing Executive Neil Gilby admitted he was surprised by the response of pupils.

'Usually when we attend school assemblies the children are all in their school uniforms, but Orton Wistow surprised us all by allowing the children to wear their Posh kits and it really shows just how far we have come as a club.

'It wasn’t that long ago that the youth in our city were favouring the big guns in the Premier League, now their seems to be a real change in the tide with children not just wearing Posh shirts but showing great knowledge about the Football Club.

'We look forward to welcoming the school to the ABAX Stadium for the next three home matches where we will look to have over 1,000 local children and their families, which is absolutely fantastic and shows that this scheme really is working.'