Posh team up with Loyaltybook to reward the loyal Posh fans for buying Meal Deals at ABAX Stadium.

As part of the launch for the new 2015-2016 season Peterborough United have a new signing in the form of Loyaltybook.

Loyaltybook is a mobile loyalty app which enables fans to digitally stamp their phone with unique codes provided by the ABAX Stadium kiosks on match day for any Meal Deal fans buy on a match day.

Loyaltybook keeps all of your loyalty reward cards in one app, so you never forget your paper stamp cards again. Collecting your stamps and redeeming your rewards has never been this much fun with the digital scratch card and ability to gift rewards to your friends.

It’s Simple – Download Loyaltybook via the App Store or Google Play and add Peterborough United.

Scan the unique code provided with every Meal Deal purchase and after collecting 6 Meal Deal stamps you get a FREE hot or cold drink as a thank you for your loyalty.

Each scan has the chance to win two hospitality tickets to a Posh game of this season with the exciting scratch card feature, so make sure you scan every Loyaltybook token as it could be you and a friend enjoying the Posh hospitality tickets.

Along the way fans can also win spot prizes with free hot or soft drinks with every scan during the season.

Alex Harris, Posh Commercial Manager said, “Working with our catering partner, VCP, we wanted to be the first club in the UK to offer loyalty rewards back to our fans using Loyaltybook. It is a simple and innovative way for us to engage and reward our fan’s when they make their meal deal purchases at ABAX Stadium on a match day. This is our way of giving something back to our fans”

Nimon Davey, founder of Loyaltybook, based in Stamford, said,” We developed Loyaltybook to put the customer first by creating something which would excite the fans into engaging with their team. Stamping a mobile loyalty stamp card is useful because the customer no longer has to carry multiple paper stamp cards. We created a unique feature and developed a digital scratch card which would make Loyaltybook fun for the fans. While collecting stamps the fans have the ability to win free rewards from their favourite team, Peterborough United.

We wanted to push the boundaries even further by developing a feature that would allow users to gift rewards to other friends. Loyaltybook is an innovative and engaging app to help grow fan’s loyalty and Peterborough United is the first club in the UK to use Loyaltybook.

For more details look at the web site and down load the app today and be rewarded with a free loyalty stamp with the down load. When you come to the first league game of the season and make a meal deal purchase you will get a scan code which you use from the app and you get your stamp and the chance to win on each scan.

Check out Loyaltybook on Facebook page and ‘Like’ the page for Posh loyalty updates.

Your Loyalty, Rewarded!