Press Officer Phil Adlam brings you an insight into the pre-season training camp in Ireland.

As many of you will know from reading Twitter, the journey to Ireland was not a simple one. It was for the Peterborough United players and management team, but for myself, photographer Joe Dent and kitman Neil Gilby, it turned out to be an incredibly eventful few hours.

As with any overseas trip, getting the players to the location is the simple bit. A mass booking with a certain airline, a restricted bit of hand luggage and happy days, you stroll into Dublin airport.

However, with Posh in action on Saturday against West Ham, the kit needed to be washed, dried and loaded onto the Academy mini-bus alongside a whole host of medical equipment, balls, cones and supplements.

So the army of three departed the ABAX Stadium just after 8pm with a route plotted to Holyhead in Wales where we would catch a 2.30am ferry across to Dublin.

It sounded so simple. So simple in fact, that I took extra time at the services to seek out the best bargain on a two litre bottle of Fanta.

However, just as photographer Joe started to play some decent tunes on our makeshift radio, it all started to go horribly wrong.

The M1 road closure and subsequent incorrect diversions, left us in no mood to party. In fact, we spent over two and a half hours on the same stretch of road and in the end, almost four hours after departure, we were closer to Peterborough than we were Wales.

Of course that left us racing against the clock and as I am sure you already know, it was a race that we finished second in. We eventually rolled into Holyhead about four minutes after the ferry had departed for the Republic of Ireland.

With the next ferry six hours later, we had no option but to sit it out. During that time, I saw a man brushing his teeth for 30 minutes solid, a rather inebriated Welsh lady interrupt my phone call just to call me a rude name and Seagull finish off the rest of my Salt and Vinegar crisps.

Of course, when the ferry did accept our mini-bus aboard, we were quite a way behind schedule, but I am pleased to report that we have now joined the players and management in Ireland and I have to say the players are all in great spirits.

It is fantastic to see so many of the club's younger players here with the more senior professionals and trust me when I say this, there is a lot of talent coming through our Academy system.

We will bring you plenty of interviews, some serious, some not, during these few days and we will be bringing you live content via Periscope. We hope that you enjoy it!

Phil Adlam